Why You Should Buy a French Bulldog

Why You Should Buy a French Bulldog

French Bulldogs or commonly called “Frenchies” are very popular when it comes to pet choices. They are adorable, mischievous, unique and surprisingly sweet despite their tough physical attribute. Here are some points to consider before getting one:

Small with large personalities, they are big dogs in little bodies making them a perfect companion. Their adorable bat ears are one of their endearing features, and erects when they are around 6-8 weeks. Do not be deceived by their stocky bodies, because this breed will bring endless amounts of joy! Frenchies weighs around 22 – 28 lbs and grows around 11-13” in height.

Frenchies are affectionate dogs and can love the humans around them so much? They can be stubborn, yes, but this adds to their charm. To lay good foundations for a Frenchie, it is best to let them know what’s right and wrong. Their behaviour will depend on how they are being treated. They are usually calm, gentle, they get tired easily but they are playful and they give endless entertainment to the people around him or her.

Frenchies cannot tolerate extreme weather conditions so putting them outside will pose great danger to them. When it comes to adaptability, Frenchies adapt easily making them perfect in the city or in the farm. They are also good watch dogs but most likely cannot protect his or her family.

Keeping Frenchies clean is a must as they stink easily if not thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. They shed more compared to English bulldogs but shedding is seasonal. Weekly brushing, frequent baths and thorough cleaning of their wrinkles and folds will keep them clean and odourless. Nails and teeth have to be cleaned regularly as well.

Frenchies love to be walked around just like any other breed. A fenced backyard is the perfect play area for him or her although he would survive in a small apartment. Short walks will already meet a Frenchie’s physical need. Be reminded that they cannot swim and are prone to drowning because of the size of their heads.
French Bulldogs are fun to be with making them adorable pets despite being tough physically.

In a nutshell, if you’re planning to buy French Bulldogs – you’re not going to regret it 🙂

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