Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions that we receive here
at Family Bulldog.

If you have a question that wasn't answered here, we invite you to give us a CALL
and speak with a friendly and experienced puppy specialist. Call 305-814-4645.

Q: Will I receive a health certificate?

A: Absolutely. Each puppy is fully examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to adoption and travel. Each bulldog baby is examined from nose to tail. The examination includes a general wellness check, an examination of the joints, teeth, eyes, nose, ears and a check of the lungs, heart and abdomen. We stand behind each and every puppy with confidence. We invite you to browse  our guarantee to learn more.

Q:Where are your bulldog puppies raised?

A: Each and every bulldog puppy is raised indoors, in a loving home
environment, amongst other dogs and our family. We believe that this is essential for ensuring that each dog is well-adjusted, well-socialized and ready to join your family!

By raising our puppies inside, we maximize the chances of a smooth
transition. Your puppy will also get a head start on housebreaking and basic obedience training! Our bulldog puppies do spend time outside on-leash and supervised in our yard.

But they are not left outdoors unattended. We do not recommend leaving bulldog puppy outside unattended due to the risk of theft or injury. Bulldogs are not tolerant of extreme heat or cold, so this is not a breed that can live outdoors.

Q: Has my puppy received any vaccinations or deworming treatments?

A: Yes. Every dog arrives up-to-date on their puppy vaccinations.
We begin vaccinating at 6 weeks of age. Each puppy is vaccinated for a number of diseases and viruses via the Galaxy DA2PPv injection, which offers protection

• distemper;
• adenovirus type 2;
• hepatitis;
• parainfluenza; and
• parvovirus.

We also provide a deworming treatment to ensure that your puppy is free of intestinal parasites. Family Bulldog can also provide you with information on the recommended vaccination schedule for your new furry friend.


Q: I've never owned a bulldog before. What if I have questions on care or behavior?

A: Not a problem! At Family Bulldog, we're more than just bulldog breeders. We're committed to serving as a comprehensive resource for the life of your dog. So whether you have questions on training and behavior, health, or any other issue, our puppy experts are happy to assist! We can also provide you with access to web-based veterinary advice.

Q: When will the puppies have their first shots?

A: Puppies come up to date on all their vaccines and deworming. We start vaccines at 6 weeks old. We also provide all the information to maintaining your puppies vaccines up to date.

Q: What payment options do you offer?

A: At Family Bulldog, we accept a few different payment options. We also provide financing. See our related page on puppy financing to learn more!

If you wish to apply, just visit this link to the

puppy financing application page!



Q: I've heard a lot about puppy scams. Can I read testimonials from puppy owners that you've worked with?

A: Absolutely! There are many puppy-related scams going around, so we understand that many potential clients have concerns in this regard. Rest assured that Family Bulldog is a reputable of the highest quality French and English bulldog Puppies. As such, we have lots of wonderful testimonials from clients (and we're always happy to post your testimonial too!) We can also put you in direct contact with current bulldog owners who've adopted from us and worked with the Family Bulldog team.

Q: I have another question that wasn't answered here.

A. Contact one of Family Bulldog's friendly puppy specialists! We'll answer any questions that you may have concerning the adoption process. We're also happy to help you determine if a bulldog puppy is right for you! Speak with a puppy specialist today by calling 305-814-4645.