French or English Bulldog, Which One is Perfect for You?

French or English Bulldog, Which One is Perfect for You?

The breed is quite popular among family pet breeds as they are loyal, curious, patient, friendly, intelligent, easy to train and has shown no aggression to the people around or to other dogs despite their tough physical attributes. Should you choose between getting an English Bulldog or a French one, this comparison will help you choose the perfect breed for you.

When it comes to size, the English Bulldogs are the bigger than the Frenchies. They can grow from 12-15” and weigh 53-55 lbs. Despite their size and tough, intimidating appearance, this breed is better for kids as they are known to easily form strong bonds with children. This breed is very sociable, sweet, friendly, loving, courageous and aggressive but will not most likely protect their owners and family. They shed less compared to French bulldogs and smells better too.

Originating from England and France, the French Bulldog is smaller and has perky, batlike ears and also a stocky body. It has a very laid back personality, easy to train as they are intelligent, free-spirited, stubborn at times and loves to play. French Bulldogs are excellent watchdogs and are very protective of their owners compared to English Bulldogs.

They stink and shed more, something to think about when you are not comfortable seeing fine dog hair and smelling dog stench in your car and home. French Bulldogs have better adaptability skill. It lasts for 9 – 11 years, grows from 11 – 13” and weighs for 22-28 lbs, quiet smaller than their English counterpart. This breed is alert, affectionate, independent, loyal, lively, playful, social and quiet.

One thing about bulldogs: they have health concerns. Both breeds are prone to several concerns such as Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD), elongated soft palate and stenotic nares among others.

Despite their obvious similarities and differences, both breeds are perfect for pets as they are loving, non-aggressive and exudes loyalty to their owners 🙂

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