7 Thing You Need to Know When Taking Care of Your French Bulldog

7 Thing You Need to Know When Taking Care of Your French Bulldog

Despite their sturdy and stocky physical features, French Bulldogs or commonly known as “Frenchies” are affectionate and playful domestic dog. They are a cross between English Bulldogs and ratters in Paris.

Here are some steps to consider when taking care of your Frenchie.

Tender Loving Care
Before you even decide to adopt or buy a Frenchie, you should already know that all pets do need tender loving care, French Bulldogs need just as much love and care. Frenchies are lively and enthusiastic and they love to entertain their owners. They have this comical personality making them a joy to watch. They get along well with humans and other dogs, but is sensitive, that when they sense that their owner is passive toward them they become snappish, sometimes stubborn.

Frenchies love to play, give them enough space to run around. If it’s hard for them to explore, have your backyard area fenced so they can move freely and safely. It is also a must to let them explore the house so they will feel comfortable around it. Get them some toys and a space of their own. Be informed though that Frenchies cannot be left outside as they don’t get well with extreme weather conditions, just like us.

Bring them out for a walk every day, if the weather permits it, but do not overdo it. A walk around a block will do. Frenchies heat up fairly quickly and their facial feature (flat-faced) makes it hard for them to breathe.

Feed them the right kind of food and give them treats from time to time. However, ensure that they are not overfed or underfed. Both situations can lead to devastating effects. To know the proper food for them, visit your local pet shop and get the best ones for small dog breeds.

Ensure that your Frenchie has lot of toys to play with as teething is a natural process for them. It is better for them to bite their toys rather than your things, or worse, you.

Frenchies are clean by nature, most will not even step on a puddle. However, they stink fast so it is a must to clean them every day and brush their teeth as well.

Frenchies have health issues, unfortunately. They are prone to eye problems, heart defects, joint diseases and spinal disorders among others. They couldn’t stand extreme weather conditions and are prone to heatstroke. Frequent visits to a veterinarian is a must in order for them to be in the pink of health.

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