Many people think that caring for dogs is easy as 1, 2, 3 - feed them, give them water and shelter.

There's actually more to that! Each dog breed is different, so naturally, your new English or French Bulldog pup would also need specific care.
If you thinking about getting a bulldog or you already have one... here's the book for you!

Everything you need to know about bulldogs: Feeding, Medical Care, Where To Buy, Grooming, House Breaking And Training.
Get this E-Book so you would know where to start.  

As new puppy parents, you should be very mindful of a few things.  By downloading this guide, you will learn:
  • What types of food to feed your new pup
  • What toys you can give
  • How you can keep him warm and well cared for 
  • What vaccines he needs
  • When you should bring your puppy to the vet
  • Expert tips to keep him healthy
  • Special care for English & French Bulldogs



  • Treat and prevent most illnesses while providing you an overview on first aids, vaccinations and deworming 
  • Know how to do basic and necessary hygiene activities such as nail trimming, ear clean, wrinkle cleaning, bathing, etc.
  • Avoid the top 5 most common foods that are dangerous to your bulldog that you (probably) have in your kitchen right now
  • Make simple dog-friendly treats right at home (with 3 ingredients or less) 


  • Prevent and correct common dog behavioral problems such as: barking, jumping up, crying at night, etc.
  • Train your bulldog using positive reinforcement techniques that work! 
  • Speed up the house training process while giving you tips to preventing accidents 
  • Puppy proof your house against potential hazards and accidents


  • Learn how to properly socialize your new puppy in order to prevent fear and aggression problems in the future.
  • Build a rewarding & happy relationship with your dog! 
  • Keep your bulldog healthy and happy for many years