7 Reasons for You to Buy an English Bulldog

7 Reasons for You to Buy an English Bulldog

Of the many breeds around, English Bulldogs are often the breed of choice. Yes, they are expensive and have several health issues but it has constantly been chosen over and over again. Here are the reasons why you should choose and buy an English Bulldog.

  • Bulldogs are more human than dog – Owners would always say that you don’t own a bulldog, they would own you. This breed is affectionate, playful and dependable.
  • Gentle with children – English bulldogs love to be around children. Despite their intimidating appearance, they are known to be gentle with children and the people around them.
  • They love to play… a lot – English Bulldogs are full of energy especially the puppies. It is best to give them toys and tire them with physical activities. Note that walking them around the block is okay, anything more than that is harmful for them. Because they are flat-faced, they have experience difficulty in breathing.
  • Bulldogs know how to press the snooze button – If you don’t see them toying around, then most probably they are in their corner, sleeping! Bulldogs sleep a lot and snore loudly. They also slobber most of the time.
  • Bulldogs are hard headed – But shows this in a very cute way. They just don’t listen and has a unique way of not giving up easily.
  • They love people and attention – They’ll seek you out, get your attention or anything that they need from you. A cuddle, a hug, a kiss — these are the things that you should give your bulldog. They are constantly seeking for affection from everyone around them.
  • English Bulldogs are Big Soft Dogs – Their look and built will really scare anyone who’s not familiar with the breed, but in reality, bulldogs are big soft dogs who are even afraid of their own shadows. Yes, that’s how adorable they are.

Before you buy an English Bulldog, watch this video below and find out what a big hard a bulldog can have!! They’re not only for pets – you can rely on them too!!

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