Family Bulldog offers delivery to most cities in the USA and Canada. 
We hand deliver all our puppies, we have you cover. All the travel arrangements are set up by us. Your puppy will be deliver to your nearest major airport. We understand how nerve racking and exciting it is to get your new puppy home. Thats why we take every measure to ensure your puppy's safe arrival home.
Your puppy will be deliver safely into your hands. All you need is your photo ID to pick up your new puppy.
All our puppies are treated with the love and care we give to our family. This is why we treat the delivery of the puppies to their new owners with the up most tender loving care possible.  
Puppies have to be at least 8-14 weeks old before coming home to you. We know you are very excited about getting your new puppy but this is something we do NOT waiver on in terms of when the dog can be delivered. We ask customers to remain patient during the process of maturation as we do not risk the puppies' well being and you are better assured a healthy bulldog puppy from day 1.
We understand families are eager to receive their puppy that's why we work around the clock to get the puppy into your home as fast and safe as possible. It usually takes 7-14 days for your puppy to arrive home depending on the puppies weight & age.
 Once the puppy arrives in your home, you have 7 days to take him or her to the vet. To make sure the puppy got there safe and sound. As well as, gives you the opportunity to give all the paper work to your vet and now you know your Family receive a beautiful healthy puppy! This will also activate the Guarantee we have for ALL our customers. 
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