Family Bulldog, has a one-of-a-kind guarantee on the health and quality of our bulldog puppies. You won't find a guarantee like this anywhere! 

Unlike many breeders, we stand behind our puppies with 100% confidence!

We understand that a puppy is a significant investment and we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and confident knowing that they're working with the best of the best!

Family Bulldog, takes pride in their puppies! We make sure our puppies have the finest health, conformation and temperament to ensure that each puppy lives a long, healthy, happy life!

We want our pet parents to feel fully confident knowing that their new family member comes from a loving environment, where we place the pet's well being at the forefront of everything we do.

Peace of Mind 
Each and every puppy undergoes a comprehensive medical examination, performed by a doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) prior to leaving our home. All of our puppies have received Parvo vaccinations too! 

Health Check

Each bulldog puppy is sold and shipped with a current health certificate, signed by a licensed veterinarian. You'll also receive our Purebred Registration Certification. (Not AKC)

At The Family Bulldog, we guarantee against congenital and hereditary defects.

If your puppy were to die of a genetics-related cause after the first year of life or if the puppy is lost or stolen, we also offer a credit toward a replacement.

Our puppies also receive a health certificate, issued by a licensed veterinarian who examines each of our little ones prior to adoption and travel. Each puppy is also up-to-date on vaccinations when they arrive at their new home.



We encourage you to read through our guarantee. You're also invited to give us a ring and speak with a friendly and experienced puppy specialists!

 Call Family Bulldog today at (305) 814-4645.


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