Bulldog Puppy E-Book

$ 6.99$ 11.99
  • Bulldog Puppy E-Book

Bulldog Puppy E-Book

$ 6.99$ 11.99

If you are thinking about getting a bulldog or you already have one... here's the book for you!

Everything you need to know about bulldogs: Feeding, Medical Care, Where To Buy, Grooming, House Breaking And Training.


  • Treat and prevent most illnesses while providing you an overview on first aids, vaccinations and deworming 
  • Know how to do basic and necessary hygiene activities such as nail trimming, ear clean, wrinkle cleaning, bathing, etc.
  •  Avoid the top 5 most common foods that are dangerous to your bulldog that you (probably) have in your kitchen right now
  •  Make simple dog-friendly treats right at home (with 3 ingredients or less) 


  •  Prevent and correct common dog behavioral problems such as: barking, jumping up, crying at night, etc.
  •  Train your bulldog using positive reinforcement techniques that work! 
  •  Speed up the house training process while giving you tips to preventing accidents 
  •  Puppy proof your house against potential hazards and accidents 


  •   Learn how to properly socialize your new puppy in order to prevent fear and aggression problems in the future.
  •  Build a rewarding & happy relationship with your dog!  
  •  Keep your bulldog healthy and happy for many years 


Health Check Guarantee

All our puppies undergo a Comprehensive health exam before arriving home to you. The health check is performed by a License veterinarian.

Financing Available

An easy way to bring home your dream puppy while paying affordable monthly installments

Free E-Book

Everything you need to know about bulldogs in 1 easy guide exclusively available for FREE when you get a puppy from us.

PureBred Certificate

All puppies come with a Purebred Certificate with the important information about your puppy