Bulldog Puppy E-Book

$ 6.99$ 11.99
  • Bulldog Puppy E-Book

Bulldog Puppy E-Book

$ 6.99$ 11.99

If you are thinking about getting a bulldog or you already have one... here's the book for you!

Everything you need to know about bulldogs: Feeding, Medical Care, Where To Buy, Grooming, House Breaking And Training.


  • Treat and prevent most illnesses while providing you an overview on first aids, vaccinations and deworming 
  • Know how to do basic and necessary hygiene activities such as nail trimming, ear clean, wrinkle cleaning, bathing, etc.
  •  Avoid the top 5 most common foods that are dangerous to your bulldog that you (probably) have in your kitchen right now
  •  Make simple dog-friendly treats right at home (with 3 ingredients or less) 


  •  Prevent and correct common dog behavioral problems such as: barking, jumping up, crying at night, etc.
  •  Train your bulldog using positive reinforcement techniques that work! 
  •  Speed up the house training process while giving you tips to preventing accidents 
  •  Puppy proof your house against potential hazards and accidents 


  •   Learn how to properly socialize your new puppy in order to prevent fear and aggression problems in the future.
  •  Build a rewarding & happy relationship with your dog!  
  •  Keep your bulldog healthy and happy for many years 


Garantía de control de salud

Todos nuestros cachorros se someten a un completo examen de salud antes de llegar a casa. El control de salud lo realiza un veterinario licenciado.

Financiamiento Disponible

Una manera fácil de llevar a casa el cachorro de sus sueños mientras paga cuotas mensuales asequibles

Libro electrónico gratuito

Todo lo que necesita saber sobre los bulldogs en 1 guía fácil disponible exclusivamente GRATIS cuando obtiene un cachorro de nosotros.

Certificado Pura Raza

Todos los cachorros vienen con un Certificado de Pura Raza con la información importante sobre su cachorro.