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Stephanie & Shadow

"The Family Bulldog allowed me to have my dream puppy! Shadow is cute, healthy and super smart. He made our family happy and complete" - IG @Shadow_thefrenchie


"We have had Upendo for almost TWO years now, and we are all the better because of it. Upendo has brought so much joy to our lives! He is stubborn, but loving. He is bossy, but friendly. He is lazy, but also so full of energy! He has remained a healthy boy since we welcomed him to our family. He continues to show us that we made the RIGHT decision when we chose The Family Bulldog. We hope to someday bring home a sibling for him. When we do, The Family Bulldog will be the first on our list!"

Benji the Frenchie

A huge shoutout to The Family Bulldog for bringing our little family together. They are an amazing and experienced group that strives to make it possible for anyone to welcome a little bully into their life <3 as many bulldog owners know, it's hard to find a trust worthy breeder, family bulldog wiped away all our nervousness and worked closely with us to match is with the perfect puppy." - IG @Benji The Frenchy

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